Monday, November 16, 2009

Home Sweet Home

So I guess I've gotta let you know important shit, right? Okay.

My name is Andrew Galt. I was born on August 12th 1972 in Whitewood, Maine. We moved from there to Boston when I was six, and then stayed there until I graduated from high school. From there I went to college at Washington State. Managed to get outta there by the skin of my teeth with a degree in Communication Arts, because I decided in my Sophomore year that I might as well pick something I was told I was okay at to bullshit my way through if I had to suffer the pains of the professional world.

From there I snuck into a seminar and managed to snag an internship as an audio engineer at 103.4 KOKY and played around there for two years before I got on the air doing the weather reports and stuck with that for awhile before I got an hour block starting at midnight taking the calls from the UFO-heads and crazies between a set of songs I had. In 2000, I left Cookie and went down to Portland to roll with KNAP, where I had a three hour block from 9-11 PM on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays doing whatever I felt like doing. In 2002, I met my wife Ashley. We married in 2005 and we had a perfect three years. I took a break from radio for a few months in 2006 and worked on a book that I never finished.

Earlier this year, Ashley and I were in a car crash, from which I walked away and she did not. After three months of getting things in order, I decided it was time to get out of dodge for awhile and made my way back home. So here I am. Live from Atwin Mountain every night from 12 PM to 4 AM.

Don't know what the hell I'm gonna put here if I put anything at all. Never was a fan of this blogging shit. Anyways, news as it comes if it comes.